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EBI Pest Control is your premier partner in maintaining a pest-free environment. We offer a range of services, from pest extermination to humane wildlife relocation. Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions and affordability makes us the first choice in Dallas, TX, Grapevine, TX and surrounding areas.

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Organic Solutions for Effective Pest Control

Embrace a healthier, pest-free environment with our organic pest control solutions. Specializing in pest extermination, our services range from ant and bed bug extermination to comprehensive rodent exclusion, ensuring your space remains safe and clean. We use natural, environmentally safe products for both home and commercial settings, focusing on prevention and swift removal of pests. Trust our expertise in pest inspection and extermination for a thorough and reliable approach.

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Ethical Wildlife Relocation Services

Experience humane wildlife removal with our expert wildlife control services. We prioritize ethical trapping and relocation strategies to handle unwanted wildlife on your property safely. Our team is trained in wildlife extermination and control, providing solutions that respect the natural behavior of animals while ensuring your space is wildlife-free. Choose our humane approach for effective and compassionate wildlife management.

Humane Animal Relocation

Professional Insulation Installation Services

Enhance your home’s energy efficiency with our professional insulation services. As skilled insulation contractors, we install high-quality insulation tailored to improve your living environment. Our services ensure better thermal regulation and energy savings, making your space more comfortable year-round. Let us help you upgrade your insulation for a warmer winter and cooler summer in your home.


Comprehensive Cleaning for Every Space

Our cleaning services cover everything from residential deep cleans to commercial maintenance. Whether you need regular home cleaning or specialized hoarder cleaning, our team is equipped to handle all scales of cleaning tasks. We also provide gutter cleaning and event cleanup to ensure your premises look pristine. Rely on our thorough approach to tackle any cleaning challenge efficiently.

Cleaning services in Dallas TX and Grapevine Texas professional cleaners for homes and offices

Versatile Handyman and Maintenance Services

Keep your property in top condition with our handyman services. From power washing to landscaping, our team delivers a range of services that enhance and maintain your home’s aesthetics and functionality. We also specialize in gutter installation and lawncare maintenance, ensuring every aspect of your property is looked after. Trust us for reliable, comprehensive solutions that keep your home looking great and functioning well.

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Expert Pest Control Services in Dallas, TX, Grapevine, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Your partner in eco-friendly pest management

Pest issues can disrupt your daily life, causing stress and discomfort. At EBI Pest Control in Dallas, TX, Grapevine, TX, and the surrounding areas, we understand these challenges. Unlike larger, impersonal companies, we’re a small, Christian company committed to quality, affordability, and eco-friendly solutions. We stand out with our specialized programs, like our German roach and rat exclusion programs, for urgent pest situations and our dedication to using eco-friendly products. Choose us to tackle your pest problems efficiently and effectively. Count on us for pest control, humane animal relocation, insulation, commercial & residential cleaning, and other services. For cleaning services and for Spanish-speaking clients, please contact us at 817-891-4345. For French-speaking clients, you can contact “Alpha” at 214-938-2418.

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Dakota Toney

I can’t praise EBI enough for their exceptional service! When I discovered a pest issue at home, they responded lightning-fast and were incredibly professional throughout. The technician not only took care of the problem efficiently but also took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I’m beyond impressed with their expertise and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of pest control services!

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Rosalind Lawrence

Great guy, even a better professional. WE are grateful for him and what he offers to us and our community.

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Ebilenia Mouton

Today, Israel assisted a disabled senior client with a bee removal. He is a blessing, affordable and he cares about their pest problems. He is a true blessing.

Google Reviews


Ariana Bonilla

Best experience I could have ever asked for. Went above and beyond for my family in helping to treat an infestation, and still continues to work with us. If you need someone to help I would call EBI. Far more professional than chain companies. 10/10 would recommend to all my friends and family. Super happy with them!

Google Reviews


Kevin Ofori

Israel and Charles are both personable and professional. They helped us diagnose our problem quickly, talked us through both the quick fixes and the long-teen solutions, and have been sensitive to our financial situation. Moreover, they’re kind and service-oriented people in general, which is always important when it comes to maintenance expenses like these. We really like working with them and would recommend them to anyone!

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Harold Washington

A wealth of information and insights along with great customer service. Excellent job!

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Andrea King

We recently had some critters to crawl into our attic from outside, from a tree. Isreal, the owner of the company, was very polite and knowledgeable of our problem. He has shown the utmost respect and he has been able to control the critter problem. I’ll refer him to everyone I know. Don’t hesitate to call him.

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Ed Kindles

This brother and his wife are the real deal there accountable and affordable. Made my house a home again my wife and are so greatful for his service and information. Yes Mr. King Isreal is very knowledgeable.

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Clancy Evans

I highly recommend EBI Home Services for pest control. Israel is awesome, kind, and hardworking. My rodents were gone in 7 days. Awesome, dude!

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Andrea Saldivar

Absolutely thrilled with the outstanding service provided by EBI Home Services Pest Control! ⭐️ From the moment they arrived, their professionalism and expertise were evident. He not only did an impeccable job in addressing the pest issue but also charged a fair rate, demonstrating integrity and transparency. What truly sets EBI apart is the genuine care and personalized attention – they treated me like family throughout the entire process. I highly recommend EBI Home Services for their exceptional service, fair pricing, and the kind of customer care that makes you feel truly valued. A top-notch experience all around! 👏🏡 #EBIHomeServices #PestControlExcellence #CustomerCare”

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Dustin Poole

Absolutely stand up gentleman. The only person to come in the middle of the night, treat for fleas, and be full of integrity!

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Great Customer Service. After the first treatment, we saw a big difference and a large decline in the amount of German roaches. Highly recommend you call EBI pest control for any type of infestation. Very affordable too. I looked around and others were charhing extra fees for extra rooms and EBI doesn’t do that. Will definitely keep them in mind for any friends and family that might need the service.

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